Saturday, June 6, 2009


I know it has been a week since I added anything to this blog but so many changes have taken place and since Ed's children were planning a trip here to visit and the house has been so full of people it has been hard for me to sit and update.
His condition is now a waiting game.Since we can not draw blood we have no idea what his counts are we just know if we see any color in his skin its good... As long as he keeps his feet up we can control the swelling and purple tints to his toes.
In the last few days he has tried to eat he has we have gotten very sick at his stomach,and thrown up everything he puts on his stomach and only wants icy cold drinks.
Tuesday night he wanted to sleep in his own bed and did a good job of sleeping but he is getting very restless.He can no longer swallow,and was given liquid morphine .05ml very 4 to 6 hours,but that has since gone up to .10ml very 4 hours. About 10:30 he ask for the hospice nurse to come out because he was so upset and scared about something.We never really figured out what it was but they added a medication of HALOPERIDOL [for nausa and aggravation.We give this to him especially at night and if the house has too many people and activity.
Early Wednesday morning again we called the hospice nurse as his breathing was labored and he was very restless and aggravated and at one point was talking in his sleep.She said his blood pressure was up so it meant he was in pain.His children arrived for a visit but he is now sleeping most of the time.We have no idea how much he weighs,but the bones in his back and shoulder are protruding and his spine bones can be counted.
Wednesday night he tried to get up in the middle of the night and before I could get the light on and around the bed he had fallen into the bedroom door.
His children left Thursday morning after their visit.
Friday night Pat and Linda came for a visit.

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