Monday, June 22, 2009

2009-08-June Monday

I am going to add this last entry to Ed's blog. As most of the family and friends know now, at 1:15PM on June 8,2009, Ed passed away in my arms in our home,with our grand daughters Andrea and BreAnne, his oldest son Christopher, along with a wonderful Hospice nurse at his side.I have spent 25 great years with this man and letting go was the hardest thing I will probably do in my life. At 5am this morning he told me he loved me and even tried to play "Patty Fingers" with me.He was given a bath and shaved at 10am by a very caring Hospice nurse. He was then resting comfortably and we knew in our hearts he was ready to pass.He was my husband,my friend,my lover,my playmate and we had some of the best times in our lives together as well as some of the worst times,and I am going to miss him dearly. I want to Thank the good Lord above for sharing him with me on this earth, Since we knew of his impending death Ed and I talked about so many things including, how he would "Wait Just Beyond The Moon" and I would join him there when the time was right. I love him and will miss him with all my heart.................

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