Friday, March 27, 2009

arriving in houston

OK, so off we go towards Houston. Marie is going to drive,Ed is going to tell her how fast she's going and "banter" about everything,,,and I am in the backseat with Max and am going to text Amiee all day!!!!.We had lunch at Dairy Queen.As we get closer to Houston Marie is looking up motels (that takes dogs) on the GS..and we start calling ..Thats not easy,so she stops in Rosenburg (just south of Houston and goes in a Petsmart to ask for a motel directory for pets..Don't have one..So we try to find the Hospital and ask for if they have a list for motels and if they know of a dog friendly motel..Got there,,in I go to ask and yes they have a motel list but not for pets,will just have to set in the parking lot and call around and ask...Found one!!! now back to the GPS to find the motel.FINALLY! after leaving Victoria at around 11:am we arrive at the motel around 5:30pm..Get un loaded and now we're we go to find a place to eat,,and Ed wants a banana split for supper...OK now back to the GPS,,,we find a Denny's (GPS systems are VERY overrated).MORE TO THIS STORY>>>IF YOU WANT TO KNOW >>>CALL ME!!!! but had a great banana split...I am so tired and we just got there

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