Thursday, March 26, 2009

how it all started

We had a regular appointment with Ed's cardiologist ( Dr. Campbell ) to get his yearly prescription of Atenolol 50mg refilled.He weighed in at about 40 lbs less than the year before and his toes were turning a little purple and his left shoulder was hurting him.I told the doctor he had pretty much lost the weight over the last summer and during the holidays.Dr. Campbell told Ed he felt he had some kind of cancer in his body and wanted him to find a primary doctor and have some tests done.So we found Dr.Kevin Anderson. The first thing Ed wanted was to find out why his left shoulder was hurting.They throught maybe he had torn the rotocuf as he had already had the right done a few years earlier.We had tests done on that and found no tears but did see what could be diagnosed as some arthritis.So they gave him a steriod shot and some exercises to do.They also did a colonostopy, EEG,complete blood work and mri and x-rays on his shoulder,which did stop hurting so they gave him another steriod shot.All tests came back INCONCLUSIVE! By now it was time for vacation,and Dr. Anderson told us to follow up with an appointment when we returned. Well that didn't happen! And as a very few of the family know I kept telling them THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG!!! Those who didn't think I was right said leave him alone and those who were around him most said I should follow-thru.,,they could see the change also.But Ed was feeling pretty good and didn't want to be probed anymore so he wouldn't go back.Thanksgiving Day he decided to quit smoking and had lost more weight and started to become weak and tired.By Christmas he was pallor,weak,slept alot and everyone around him noticed.He would not go to the doctor and yelled at me to leave him alone.His next appt. is with Dr.Campbell Jan. 6th,2009........

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