Monday, March 30, 2009

our first day @ MD Anderson

OK,,we have to be there at 7am and the motel shuttle doesn't start running until 7am...bad start...but we can call the hospital campus shuttle and they run from 7pm until 6am...Ed, Marie and I are up and running starting at 4:30 with baths,COFFEE,hair,get dressed,walk Max,oxygen tank and get to the shuttle.
7:00 new patient registration
7:30 nursing visit
8:15 blood/specimen collection
11:00 bone marrow ASP/BX (bad mood starts) Marie goes back to the motel to walk Max
1:30 chest,PA & LAT
4:20 Dr.Susan O'Brien (the myeloprolifeative disorder cancer specialist)
But we have a 7.9 Hgb so all is on hold WE NEED A TRANSFUSION!!! appointment in the morning to get this done

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