Thursday, March 26, 2009

new year-real problems

our regular yearly appointment with Dr.Campbell found low blood pressure and his heart was beating erratic. He ran and EKG and wanted blood work, and an Echo gram done..
2009-January- 7
9:AM---we went in and had blood work done
3:30PM---Dr. Campbell called and we are to contact Dr. Anderson immediately,he is waiting on our call...he has a very low hemoglobin,platelets, and blood pressure...
4:pm---get him to the emergency room now....
4:30pm---arrived at the emergency room and he is admitted immediately...his hemoglobin count is "5", platelets are "41",oxygen level "79"--HOW DID HE WALK IN was all I heard!!! what the hell did all this mean..I have been scared before but this is out of my reach of understanding...I started texting Amiee and now I have someone to be scared with me.But as usual she is trying to be support for me....God only knows how she has to feel..
2009-January 7th thru the 13th
they say something about Leukemia,,and I don't even know how to spell it.He needs 6 transfusions to bring his blood count up to at least 10,but can't get it above 9.2.He is put on 24/7 oxygen,and his Atenolol is cut to 25mg.He is given a Echo gram,x-rays,and the dreaded bone marrow draw.They have found Multiple Myeloma.Thanks to Amiee,who starts searching everything she can find on the disease we are learning "QUICKLY" not only how to spell but to pronounce some of this stuff.Then they find he's got a left lung infection,so now he is getting antibiotics.Shane calls and wants to know if Andrea comes will she a help or a hindrence to me..GET HER HERE NOW was all I could think.Amiee is sending out the e-mails for me calling Eric and Larry.Butch is in Iraq and someone felt the need to contact him and that upset me as I felt he didn't need to know too much before we could give him some news and right now Ed is not going to die any minute,and he is being cared for and we don't need to scare Butch while he is over there.But instead of calling me and asking for a progress report or even asking about him,,,someone decided on their own to go over my head.I was hurt and when I told Ed, he was hurt and angry.

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