Thursday, March 26, 2009

FINALLY!!! a prognosis

Dr.Qadri (our hematologist ) office called and they have an opening today and it's a few days early.So Andrea,Ed and I get dressed and off we go with fear but happiness in our hearts as we will find out something,anything today.It has been a very upsetting week waiting to find out what we have and get on a treatment and get this cured, if it is indeed cancer.Well that was a surprise!!! What is
And how do you pronounce
he was sent for more blood work,a 24 hour urine test,and a skeletal x-ray with a follow-up to decide whay stage of cancer he is in on February 3rd.
he was signed up for "THALIDOMIDE" and "DEXAMETHASONE". So we go home Ed is very tired and Andrea and I talk and cry together.I am really scared now and Amiee and I are really searching for these diseases are and how they treat them.

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