Thursday, April 9, 2009

2009-04-08 Wedsneday

He had a good night and we went to Houston as we had an appointment with Dr.Weber [multiply myeloma,, doctor]. We also needed to get new supplies since I used all 4 dressings in 2 weeks.He is really hard on that Picc line.It keeps bleeding an I want to make sure I am doing what needs to be done and doing it right.
Dr.Weber says she see's improvement in the Myeloma,but can see no change in the MDS.The Spleen is down about 1 mil. That's not bad news,but she said Dr.O'Brien did say it could take a couple of months to see any degree of improvement and we need to see her,since she is the expert in MDS.
I brought up the fact Ed wanted to do his yard and ride the mower and do his gardening and Dr.Weber gave him a talk about his defense system being "LITTLE TO NONE".and she thinks he shouldn't even try as the dirt,grass,cow fields all around us and in general the wind can do great harm to his immune system and he gould get an infection that he might not come out of.And of course his spleen is still in jeopardy.
But the good news is Dr. Weber said she doesn't need to see us for 2 months.But we do need to call Dr.OBrien next week and see if she wants an appt.She is out of town right now.We went down to Infusion to get the dressing checked and get more packets since we don't come back for a while.
The nurse ask me if I wanted her to change the dressing and I said yes I wanted her to check my work and the site of entrance.She gave us a THUMBS UP and said it looked good.I really don't like doing the dressing change and I am always afraid I am going to hurt Ed,but he is giving it his best and even reminding me of missed steps.We got a different kind of dressing ,this time with a paper tape covering, since he is so rough on it,and it won't tear on is tender skin, and I need to change it twice a week....O' FUN!!!!
On the way home we treated ourselves and stopped for fried oysters at a cool place on highway 59.
Smokey [sister-in-law]has set up a blood drive with MD Anderson here in Victoria,for April 25th.She has been working on this for a couple of months now,and it is coming together nicely.

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