Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ed wakes up to two grand kids running thru the house and wanting breakfast.He was happy and it was fun to watch, as he watched his great grand kids in action.
Today is dressing change day and lab work.It is in better shape this change since he has figured out if he's not so rough on that arm it won't seep,which means the dressing won't stick and pull when changed.
Today's counts:::HGB is 12.0, his RBC is 4.09,,this is the highest ever and it looks like the Procrit is working.BUT::: he is still having to be pushed about the Oxygen so his count there was 82 and falling.And his platelets were at 24 and of course we are watching that very close.But one of the Revlimid side effects is lowering the platelets.
He did go visit Mike and Quitman for awhile in the barn and came home hungry.
He got his Dexamethazone and Revlimid before bed and did some sweating during the night but did sleep good..

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