Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ed was up during the night with left shoulder pain and it has really bothered him today.He's been taking pain pills.The weather has been muggy and I hope it's just a bad case of arthritis,but the fact is we need to face that it could be his bone. but even tonight he is still taking the pain pills.
The Home Health Care Nurse was here and she stayed and talked to us for a long time.Ed was still asking if she thinks he could ride the mower and do yard work.Even if he wears a face mask,but she [as everyone he asks,including the doctors] said .He even wants to go camping and swimming,and she did say under the "right" circumstances he could go camping,but under "no" circumstances,can he go swimming...She is going to find out if she or another RN can come to the house and give him his PROCRIT shot once a week.If not,we have to register in the hospital just for a shot.
Second round of REVLIMID has arrived:::
This afternoon the meds arrived and we gave him his first dose.And tonight he is very tired and went to bed early.It was the same thing he went through for the first few days during his first round of Revlimid.

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