Sunday, April 12, 2009


Ed's blood count Friday morning was 9.4 ,platelets are at 33. So this means he dropped a point in hemoglobin since Tuesday and his platelets are falling again. He will most likely have to have a transfusion this next week. I am having a little trouble getting his Revlimid and I have filled all the papers and talked to all the right people so if nothing happens by Tuesday I will be Finding out what is going on..
My brother Pat and his wife Linda came down from Austin this weekend to replace our air-conditioner,and the A Coil.It all went out the same time.Ed even went over to the barn with Pat.He had a big day and enjoys Pat's company.
I keep saying how bad 2009 has been so far and I can,see it getting any better any time soon,so I am TRYING to remember that at the end of the day to find our silver lining.Well this weekend it was Pat.Thank You so much for all you did for us.

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