Wednesday, April 1, 2009

solving problems

since she was so quick to solve our problem with the Revlimid,we thought we would see if she could help us solve the problem of coming to Houston every Tuesday and every Friday just for Lab and a 15 minute visit with one of the doctors.It is 136 miles up and 136 miles,a 2 1/2 hour drive and just an hour or so.She said it was because we need to watch the platelets even closer now that he will be on Chemo as it has a side effect of dropping them quickly.But she did say if Dr. Qadri's office would approve we could have it done in Victoria and they could send the results be E-mail the same day.We have an appt. in the morning and we will ask----HE APPROVED!!! Ed and I think we heard the car "sigh with relief".Our next appt. in Houston will be the 17th with Dr. O'Brien and they want us to have a second opinion on the Bladder Mass with a Dr. Dinney on the 18th.....

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