Tuesday, April 7, 2009

last of the e-mails

2009-March 24 thru April 2

Wednesday night 04-02
This is one of the worst nights yet.He woke up at 11:58 and was complaining his left shoulder is really in pain.He has rubbed it with BenGay and it hasn't worked so I get up and find a pain pill and heating pad.He says when he has the oxygen on and tries to breathes it hurts too bad to even lay down so he gets in his chair and sleeps the rest of the night.I called the doctor this morning and they are supposed to call me back.I found some Darovset pills and it has made him feel better and the doctor still hasn't called......

we get up and off to the hospital we go for 2 more pints of blood.He is in good spirits and now calls them his "oil change". And they do make him feel better afterward.He has a good appetite and is hungry.

Tuesday April 1st
Sure enough our appt with Dr.Qadri showed his hemiglobin is at 8.1 and his platelets are at 26.Ed needs a transfusion.So we go over to the hospital and get signed in for in the morning for more blood.

Monday night March- 30th
Ed had a really bad night and told me he felt like something was wrong and he would probably need a transfusion.His skin was pale,he has no appetite and he is feeling weak and tired and goes to bed at 8:00.He is now starting to know the signs,and his left shoulder is hurting a little.


Pat had to go home

Ed had a really bad night.He woke up twice with night sweats and I had to clean him up and add towels under him.The next morning he had some blood on his Picc line bandage,this time enough to have to change and find the problem.Pat helped by following with the instructions and Ed remembering the procedure, I got it changed.The blood was caused be a tiny blood vessel under the tape to seep.But I will tell you I was scared.It was a stressful day at work for me..

Friday-March-27th -----
9:45am---turn in 24 hr urine collection
11:30----certify to change Picc Line Dressing
Well the first thing out of the hat is the nurse in the Lab said she can't draw blood from the Picc Line without a signed permission frpm the Doctor...Well they are the ones who authorized the thing Ed had a fit and would NOT her draw from the other arm.I can't blame him,he'd tired of being stuck twice and sometimes more a WEEK! Couldn't find the doctor, so the lab nurse said ok this time, but be sure to get the permission paper signed before returning.Went down and changed the dressing in front of the nurse in Infusion Dept and he said I did well and sent us home. Our next appt is Wednesday the 1st of April...Ed got his meds and was tired so went to bed at 8pm,was a long day for him getting up at 4:30am.Pat came in a little after that to spend the weekend.


Smokey(my sister-in-law) took me out for lunch and a little shopping...When I got home he had some blood [about the size of a quarter] on his Picc Line bandage and I called Dr Qadri's office and they told me I have to call Houston since they put in and find out what to do.They said it sounded like it wasn't anything to get upset about it could wait til morning.

We had an appt with Dr.Qadri and his platelets are UP TO 39!!!and his Hemoglobin is 10.7!!! We don't know how but we are so happy and he is in a great mood.His left shoulder is bothering him some but not enough to complain about.We are going to take Molly home today and make a road trip out of it as he wants to go through Fulton and have lunch on the water and get seafood. We go to Charlotte Plummers [http://www.charlotteplummers.com/cp/] and have a great lunch and then go into Ingleside to drop off Molly at home.It was a nice drive and he enjoyed the trip...

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