Tuesday, April 7, 2009


2009-03-14th and 15th
This was a weekend that we can call productive! My sister Michele (a nurse) came to help me and Ed.I have been very protective of Ed and did not want him to be upset or in fear of his future so I have been very selective of the things I explain to him about his cancers. While I was at work he ask her alot of questions and since she has a better way of explaining the prognosis of his diseases she answered all his questions. He now knows most of what he can expect in the future.I made a promise that from now on I would tell him everything I could about what was told to me and if we did not understand we would find out.I am glad she was here and Ed has got a new friend..Michele calls as often as she can (at least a couple ot times a week) and he looks forward to her calls.

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