Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Not a good day.
Sunday Ed said he felt dizzy when he stood up and felt full in the stomach area and hadn't even eaten. he had a bit of a rough night.Monday he said we could just wait until Tuesday which is lab day but this week we see Dr.Qadri. but his night was really bad and he us up alot and did have a few sweats.
This morning we got up and I could tell he didn't feel good at all but he wouldn't say much,but about 9am he finally said he thought he was in trouble.So we went ahead and went to the emergency room.By the time we arrived he was hardly able to walk on his own. His Temperature and blood pressure were low.His HGL dropped to 7 and his platelets were below 20.So he has been admitted and is getting whole blood and platelets this time. BAD WAY TO SPEND YOUR BIRTHDAY.Andrea and the kids made cup cakes for and I took them to the hospital and he ate 3 and fell asleep.I am taking Andrea add the kids to the train in the morning so they can get back to a regular routine,,,,,,,,,,,,although Harley said he doesn't want to go home he wants to stay with granny

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  1. Happy Birthday again Popi!! We love and miss you (both) and will see you soon!