Sunday, May 17, 2009


Ed had a bad night and has an upset stomach,some sweats, no appetite is feeling weak and slept almost 12 hours last night.So Andrea,BreAnne and I take off to go to get Lab work done,knowing that we could find some bad counts.

Well sure enough we got good and bad news.His weight is at 145 and his counts are:
PLT / 37
HGB / 8.7
but his RBC is down to 2.95 and that is the reason he isn't doing so well. We see the doctor and he tells us, he can't do anything else for Ed here in Victoria, and talks Ed into going to San Antonio to see Dr.Lyons again and makes us an appt for Thursday May 21st at 12:20pm.And says he needs a T Cell transfusion today.So off to the hospital to get blood and our weekly Procrit shot.

But I am still very concerned about insurance and the fact we could be dropped by MD Anderson doctors if we try any expermental procedures not approved by FDA.And we have appointments in Houston in June so I will call and ask more questions. but the nurses are helpful and have answered some of my questions.But most of all I am thankful Andrea and Bre are there to help me thru these tough decisions...

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