Thursday, May 28, 2009


Last night was not too bad but he was restless and tossed a lot.He did wake up and take pain medication and it helped him to sleep a little better.He is starting to look shallow and weak and he does sleep alot more.He still has a hard time taking the pain meds as he is afraid of becoming addicted.Amiee,Joe and Colton arrive early and he is glad to have them here.All he talk about is how he wants to be here so we can celebrate our 25 year anniversary. Hospice came out and changed his air tank and I called hospice about what we are supposed to do about his blood work.They will call me as soon as they hear from Dr Anderson. The pastor came to visit and they talked a while and he feels better about his advancement into a new world.
Joe and Popi want my spaghetti for supper so he has a really nice supper.He needs more pain meds and off to bed he goes.

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