Tuesday, May 19, 2009


It was not a good night for Ed.He had some night sweats,coughing and a lot of restlessness and his right elbow is giving him fits. So we did some walking the floor.This is Lab Day but we also have an appointment with our family physician,Dr. Kevin Anderson.Today he is signing his DNR.This was hard on both of us.but we know it needs to be done.His lungs are wheezy but it is not a cold or congestion.So he was given Sudifed for allergies.We talked to Dr. Anderson about taking over our weekly follow-up and lab work.Since Dr Q said he can't do anything else for Ed we decided to change over and go ahead and go back to MD Anderson once a month and see Dr. Anderson once a month. He did lose a wing stitch on his PICC line and that needs to be replaced,so Kevin wrote an order to get that done when we go get the Procrit shot.
We go over to Dr.Qadri's office for lab and his counts are:
PLT / 33
HGB / 9.3
RBC / 3-14
This is very good.And his weight is 146 and holding.We were going to go to get our shot but he is so tired and ask to come home .After I gave him his meds he went to bed and sleot for 4 hours.His appetite is not very good but he is eating smaller meals and more often.

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