Monday, May 25, 2009


When Ed woke up @ 5am this morning, He was in sever pain.I gave him his pain meds and they hardly even touched the problem so I gave him more {under direction of dr}, he napped restlessly and when he finally woke up we went to hospital for labs.I guess Dr Anderson forgot to leave orders to draw today so Diane is going to call in the morning and get everything set up.BUT,,she sat Ed down and told him he looked like "hell" and talked to him about the pain and wanted him to go the ER and of course he refused. Then we started talking about the hospice care and Diane did more explaining to him about what and how they work.I guess he was ready to listen because the hospice nurse will be here about 3 today to sign him up.He has a great concern about giving up his Revlimid, thinking it is giving up trying to live and committing suicide, so I stopped at the Lutheran church on the way home and ask the Pastor to visit as soon as possible.
Our Hospice nurse Cay is one of the best things that has happened to us both.When she arrived Ed had been in bed asleep for almost 2 hours.The pain is out of control. i got all the papers signed and then she went in to check on Ed and we had to wake him up to get his vitals.He was in such pain he laid in her lap with water in his eyes.She said she was here to help him and the first thing she did was give him new pain medication. After about 15 minutes we could see the change in him.After 30 minutes he was being Ed again and we were laughing and he was talking our ears off.HE is now under 24 /7 care and can not and will not be left alone.I feel he will now be more comfortable and I feel he will be more pleasant and be able to cope.

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