Sunday, May 24, 2009


One of our favorite nurses {Betty from transfusion unit} came by and saw Ed was here so naturally she came in for a visit.She noticed he was looking a little dehydrated so she took over and got him hooked up to a new bag. Now we are waiting for Dr Anderson to come in and let us know if we can go home today.But he is also in a very agitated mood.He wants to get out and he wants a cigarette.I left the room for a break and he conned a nurse into taking him outside to smoke.
When Dr Anderson got there he said we could be released and we are now going to have our lab work done at hospital on Mondays and Thursday.Since his RBC is so low I ask why he was not going to get "pac cells".Thats what Dr Q ordered when they were low before.Dr Anderson explained he didn't want to do that as if it is done too often, it gets too hard to match his for whole blood transfusions.We will wait but not let his HBG get below 8. So we have monday lab and the possibility of transfusion is going to be high.And he is not going to let his Platelets get below 20.And he is putting Ed on pain meds full time.

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