Saturday, May 23, 2009

2009-05-22-Thursday & Friday-23rd

Ed had a good day and even had a good supper. He walked over to visit Quitman. But when he came home he said his left side was bothering him. As he sat for a while it started to hurt to the point he wanted a pain pill.After about an hour he was ned another pill so I gave him half of one and he slept most all the night in comfort.

when he woke it was not good.He woke me up almost screaming at me.His side was huring so bad and he was telling me not to leave him.I finally got a pain pill in him and we just sat on the side of the bed and waited.When he felt a little better I wanted him to go to the ER but he said since it was Lab day we would just wait and go in then. He did not want to eat because when he put anything on his stomach it put pressure on his spleen.After an hour or so he wanted another pain pill and then he slept for about 2 hours.I went ahead and prepared everything for a hospital saty and talked him into going to the ER so he could "his oil change" IF NEEDED,and be in and out of the hospital when Amiee and the boys got here Tuesday afternoon.This was incentive enough for him to go. His counts were:::
PLT / 21----HGB / 8.6----RBC / 2.77
his weight 143

We are admitted to receive 2 tranfusions of platlets.We still have no appeite and have pain in the spleen area.We are given Loratab 7.5,Benedril and excedrin and went right off to sleep.He received his first platelet,no problem.Second one and he woke up with welts and itching all over his back.So he was given more Benedril and another Loratab and off to sleep again.It took a couple of hours for the welts to go away but the itching stopped quickly.He slept thru the night so hard the nurses and I were having a hard time getting his STATS.His blood pressure was really low so they took it every 30 minutes.It was a bad night for me helping them but it was a good night for him...

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