Thursday, May 28, 2009


This has been the hard day on all of us.Ed had a really bad night and needed to take more pain meds and was very restless and could not get comfortable.When he got up this morning I knew he was having a hard time controlling the pain now. First thing this morning while we on the porch the attorney called and said he had papers ready for us to sign,and they will be here later this afternoon.His appetite is not good at all and all he really wants is milk and an apple turnover,but after a few bites he fills full and that puts pressure on his spleen and he hurts.
I called the hospice office and we are waiting for a nurse to come and draw blood for lab.
The Hospice Pastor came for a visit and while we were talking Ed started gasping for breath and he was bleeding thru his nose. The pain was so bad he was crying and I got his meds and called Hospice.I rubbed his back and talked to him and the pastor prayed for us.Hospice arrived and he was calming down but was still very upset and needed more pain meds.He is now taking 2 pain pills every 4 hours,instead of 1 pill every 4 to 6 hours.The nurse brought bed pads and towels for his bed.He came out of the spell tired and scared and cried that he was trying to be here for family members who are arriving over the next few days.He made a comment to the nurse that he wanted to be here for our anniversary and said he wished he was strong enough for one last lobster dinner. The nurse explained the steps we would now start seeing and was sure Ed was not going to be with us much longer.She said they decided that drawing blood at this time was not a good idea and explained to me that since he had a bad reaction to the platelets in the hospital he would probably reject and transfusion now so they would not recommend any more.It would be too hard on his body.
We decided we wanted fried chicken for supper and Ed said he throught he would even like a piece so Amiee,Joe and Colton run down to get us a bucket.They came back and they had gone over to Red Lobster and got Ed his wish of lobster.And he ate the whole thing with applesauce for dessert.He even stayed up and watched boxing and then took his pain pills and went to bed.

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